Alla Zhiteneva

President, founder, artistic director, choreographer of the «International dance and gymnastics school  Releve».

Dance experience for over 25 years. One of the best graduates of the school of modern choreography. Permanent participant of various master classes in Russia and Europe. Some of Alla’s choreography experience include  Showcase «Broadway Dance Center» (New York, Broadway, USA) «CHICAGO Medley», choreographer Sue Samuels; Showcase «Broadway Dance Center» (New York, Broadway, USA), choreographer Sheila Barker , guest dancer on «ASC» Fashion week summer, New York USA, guest dancer on «New York Fashion Week». Permanent Judge of International art competitions. The choreographer on the boards of Jazz, Modern, Contemporary, Belly dance, Stretching. Choreographer of various dance flashmobs in Moscow (Russia). Winner of International and all-Russian competitions and Festivals. Alla Zhiteneva is the author and organizer of various dance projects, charity concerts, master classes.



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